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Testing Services

Counterfeit Detection

In addition to its other procedures used to help spot counterfeit components, Broadline Components in proud to announce it has began "heated solvent" testing to its quality assurance process. Broadline Components now also uses a specialized Ductless fume hood and heating unit, through which the addition of a special solvent can reveal parts which have been "blacktopped" – a technique used by unscrupulous counterfeiters to obscure a part's true marking. Quite often this is done by counterfitters to indicate a higher grade, newer datecode, RoHs compliance or a more expensive component. To date, only a small number of independent distributors are known to use this advanced technique in the U.S. Ask your sales representative about other ways we root out counterfeit components including pin-for-pin electrical testing, De-capsulation, and Forensic X-Ray analysis.

External Visual Inspection

The QC Inspection team works diligently on inspecting inbound materials to eliminate any problems. As a commitment to our customers receiving only quality product Broadline Components have invested in state of the art equipment. This includes using a LED Triangular Stereo Zoom Microscope 3.5X-90X with a 16MP Digital Camera.  As part of our ISO Quality Assurance system, we receive and inspect all materials based on our 72 point receiving inspection. In our state of the art ESD20.20 certified facility we receive in all materials exactly the same manner. The QC inspectors take inspection and documentation serious. During the receiving process, we match up the part and part number to the Purchase documents as well as the manufacturers datasheet. We inspect the package and parts condition while taking digital images of all inbound shipments. This helps ensure quality product being received by our customers, and also helps to prevent potential problems down the line.

Internal Die Verification (Decap)

Decapsulation of a plastic enclosed chip can act as another way to protect against counterfeit components. Decapping a part exposes the die inside of the part, and will also expose die topography. In addition, it can verify the part number, the manufacturer markings and a copyright date. In critical applications matching up the suspect part to a “good known” or “golden” sample can be helpful in reducing risk. We send full Decap results and the internal die for those parts which are decapped.

Heated Chemical Test

Broadline Components uses multiple detection technologies to prevent inferior products from reaching our customers.

These include using heated solvents to detect remarked parts. This process can cause partially cured blacktopped acryllics and urethanes to dissolve.

This can disclose sanding marks, cracks, filled pin one indicators and other inconsistent device markings.

Electrical Testing of Passive, Discrete, Analog, Digital, Memory and FPGA Devices

As Broadline Components Continues to be your front line defense to mitigate risk with counterfeit components we continue to expand on our current component testing abilities. In addition, Broadline has the capability to perform electrical testing and also real time X-Ray inspection same day.

Our extensive counterfeit testing experience has shown that certain remarked devices are withstanding the older simpler Acetone test. Many of these examples of part testing capabilities are broad guidelines as to how to protect your supply chain when going outside of your normal channels.

These recommendations can be tailored to the situation at hand. Please contact your sales representative to find the best solution that fits your needs when it comes to reducing component risk within the marketplace.

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